COVID-19 Triage & Monitoring App for Health Systems 

Rimidi's COVID-19 Triage and Monitoring app is helping protect patients and healthcare workers from infection and driving efficiencies in rapidly evolving clinical workflows.

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Key Features 

  • Remote triage: Prevents patient from coming into clinic and possibly infecting general clinic population

  • Proactive surveillance of high-risk groups: Queries EMR for high risk (65 and older, immunosuppressed, chronic diseases, etc) and sends surveys to engage and detect at-risk individuals

  • Healthcare worker efficiency and safety:  Automates follow-up check-ins for patients who are self-isolating and self-monitoring

  • Direct patient instruction:  Recommends next actions based on current CDC guidelines to lessen demands on triage phone systems

  • Ease of EMR integration: Integrated and approved on Cerner, Epic,  Athena, Nextgen and MEDITECH

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About Rimidi

As early pioneers of SMART on FHIR, Rimidi’s apps work directly within your EHR - no separate sign in, no workflow disruption, better clinical efficiency. Rimidi combines patient-generated health data from connected devices or patient reported outcomes measures with clinical data to drive patient-specific clinical insights and actions through embedded clinical decision support cards.

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